February 14, 19XX
Lindsay Office Products
P.O. Box 1879 Spokane, Washington 98989
Subject: Furniture and equipment order

Please ship the following items from your sales catalog dated January 31, 19XX:


Conference Desk HN-33080-WB Sandalwood 2 $478.60 ea.
Credenza HN-36887-WK Sandalwood 2 431.40 ea.
Executive Chair HP-56563-SE
Toasted Tan 4 422.00 ea.
File Cabinet HN-5344C-K Beige 2 135.90 ea. Letter Tray K5-299907-A Black 6 16.95 ea.

The items ordered above should be shipped C.O.D. to this address:
CLAIMS DIVISION, LAW DEPARTMENT City of Austin P.O. Box 96 Austin, Texas 78767-0096

The costs above reflect a discount of 50/10, with net due in 30 days after the invoice date. The merchandised is to be shipped by your company’s own truck line at a rate of 7 percent of the total net cost.

We are remodeling our offices and have a target completion date of March 30, 19XX. If there is any reason you see that you can keep your part of this schedule, please let me know immediately.