Love Letter 3

My Love –

I had to send you this love letter now.

You see, sometimes I miss my chance to say the right thing at the right moment.  Or the words escape me.

I guess I don’t always convey my deepest feelings when you’re around, because I’m too busy feeling them. My heart goes soft, and these powerful sentiments don’t always translate into words that express just how devoted I am to you.  The most powerful thing to come from my lips always seems to be the kisses we share.

You’d probably smile if I said any of this to you, and I might laugh back nervously as well.  But here in this letter my truest feelings are yours to have and to hold – remember these words of love when we silently kiss.

I know when I see you, I’ll be embracing you and feeling your warmth, so I’m putting down my thoughts of love before I get lost gazing into your face once again.

So when I see you, remember that my love is more profound than I seem to be able to say when we’re in the same room.

Loving you has left me speechless, so please accept these written words.

Forever yours,