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Mr. R.L. Blackburn
Technical Sales, Inc.
1212 Woodland Place
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Dear Mr. Blackburn:

I am writing to you because your company may be in need of someone with my financial and business experience. Here are some of the things I’ve recently accomplished:

— As Chief Financial Officer of a major, regional wholesale distribution company, I reduced excess inventory by $2.5M. However, customer service was improved to 96% and turnover to 8.0 turns for stock goods. This inventory disposition reduced interest expense by $350K over a five-year period.

— Implemented freight cost analysis to identify negative impact of absorbed costs on profitability. The company is now realizing annual savings of $240K.

— Solicited, negotiated and managed insurance risk programs to reduce annual expense by $40K. Loss control programs improved worker’s compensation experience ratio from 1.61 to 1.00 in five years.

— Reduced personnel within my areas of responsibility while expanding both capabilities and productivity. Absorbed functions from other departments during this period.

— Improved quality of receivables, decreased bad debt expense and added new techniques for collection and protecting monies owed. Restaffed department. Reduced DSO by nine days, stabilized monthly collection percentage at 67%-68% level, and improved past due balances to less than 10% of receivables.

If you feel that your company is in need of someone with my background, I would enjoy talking with you about opportunities.

Please call me today,

Ronald L. Krejcha