Sollicitatie 1

Dear Mr. Olson,

As a Creative Director you know how difficult it is to get a first job as a copywriter.

Agencies hire copywriters when they get new business. They need experienced writers who can handle the new business. Not beginners.

Training programs have been trimmed or cut entirely in an effort to streamline agency costs.

So there’s a gap in the skill level of graduating students and the level required on the job.

I’ve been studying advertising for some time. As I’m approaching the time when I’ll be seeking a full-time copywriting job I’ve become aware of the gap between school and work.

I feel an internship is a possible way to bridge this gap.

I’m in the process now of arranging an internship with an agency in the Twin Cities. Ed Richardson at Martin-Williams gave me your name as a person to contact at Campbell-Mithun.

I wonder if you’d have some time to meet with me and discuss the possibility of arranging an internship at your agency?

I’ll call in a few days to see if we can arrange a time to meet.


Jim Brodie