Stage-aanvraag 2

Dear Mr. Jones,l

I would like to become a trainee account executive with Threadgill, Glendon and Martin.

Visits to three advertising agencies, including your own, have reinforced my interest in being an account executive and made me more aware of how advertising combines the commercial challenge of satisfying a client’s needs with the excitement of the creative process. I find the wide variety of advertising fascinating. I enjoy analysing why different media (papers, magazines, television, posters, packaging) have been used to get the message across.

I believe I have the skills required of an account executive to bring together the diverse demands which result in a successful campaign. As an actor and musician I have worked within a team as a disciplined member. While assisting the play director I helped to organise and motivate others, thereby ensuring that the production was completed successfully. As a student I have learned to formulate relevant and rational arguments quickly and communicate them effectively.

No doubt you receive many applications for your few posts, but I hope that the skills outlined above, the enclosed application form, and my enthusiasm for advertising will persuade you to interview me.
Yours sincerely ,