Sollicitatie 4

Ms. JoAnn Shoemaker
Nursing Manager
YYY Clinic
432 12th Street
Anywhere, TX 77777
Dear Ms. Shoemaker:

Patricia Saphir mentioned that you plan to hire a new Licensed Vocational Nurse. After visiting both YYY clinic and its website, I’ve identified a few ways that I can contribute to your team if you hire me.

  • During my 10 years as an LVN, I’ve gained essential on-the-job practical experience and knowledge that formal LVN training rarely provides. This expertise would be an asset for you since many of your current LVNs are recent graduates.
  • I have received two awards for my friendly customer service to patients, doctors and coworkers alike. I’ve also been asked to conduct in-service workshops on the topic. My emphasis on customer satisfaction and my joy in helping others dovetail perfectly with YYY’s focus on client care.

My experience, expertise and enthusiasm could play in a role in the continued success of YYY Clinic. I will call you on Tuesday, July 22 to discuss my qualifications and, I hope, schedule a meeting.


Tony Williams